A parking share Application for the secure parking of your car.

This application will help you to find safe parking places for car, bike and bicycle.

App is live now on Google Play Store

Available Parking Spots

Why Choose Rakho Parking App?

Rakho is a reliable and affordable parking share application which utilize the empty parking space available throughout the day.

Secure Parking
Low Cost
Utilization of Space
Save Time

Features & Details

Built for creative people. Made for high performance.

Free of Cost

Rakho app is fully free so that everyone can use the app without any problems.

Secured parking

Rakho ensures the security of both parking owners and parking users by verifying the NID (National Indentity Document) and phone number.

Easy Transaction

No need to pay the parking fee instantly. You can pay the parking fee anytime you want. Parking owners will get their parking fees weekly.

User Experience

Rakho Team researched and worked extremely hard to provide the best user experience possible.

Nearby Parking Spots

Users can see the nearby parking spots and details so that they can find the suitable parking place for their loving cars.


Rakho Team is determined to develop a reliable and easy to use parking app which provides decent service for the betterment of people.


Basic Parking


per hour

  • Open Space Parking
  • Without CCTV
  • No Booking Feature
  • Basic support
Standard Parking

Tk 30

per hour

  • Inside Parking
  • CCTV Feature
  • 24x7 Guard Service
  • "Park My Car" Feature
Advanced Parking

Tk 45

per hour

  • CCTV Feature
  • 24x7 Guard Service
  • "Park My Car" Feature
  • Car Wash and Other Facilities

App is live now!

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